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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bourne Legacy to have Asian Premiere in the Philippines

The upcoming BOURNE LEGACY which has had many of its scenes shot in the Philippines, specifically Metro Manila and Palawan, will be having its Asian Premiere here in the Philippines, at Resorts World Manila in Pasay City, Philippines on August 5, 2012.

BOURNE LEGACY is the fourth film in the Bourne series. This sequel, however, will not be having the Jason Bourne character on it (neither Matt Damon, of course), but it is set in the same universe and continuity as the Bourne series. It will have the same characters; Pamela Landy (played by Joan Allen), Noah Vosen (played by David Strathairn), and Exra Kramer Scott Glenn), and Dr. Albert Hirsch (Albert Finney). To be specific, this movie revolves around the same shadow group and assassin program that has created Jason Bourne, and a new assassin character named Kenneth Gibson who is heavily compared to Jason Bourne. [Read About Who are the Filipino Cast included in the film after the jump]

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Colorado Tragedy causes The Gangster Squad to do re-shoots and re-schedules

A Little Too-Familiar A Scene
by Xyde

Because of the recent Colorado massacre, Warner Brothers has decided to pull out the trailer for their upcoming movie GANGSTER SQUAD, because it has a scene in that movie wherein gun men pose themselves inside a movie theater, behind the movie screen and starts shooting at the audience inside the movie theater. A trailer is nothing, the problem is that the studio is planning to remove that same entire scene itself from the movie, and will probably be going back to doing re-shoots for the film. Of course, this means that the release of the film will inevitably be moved to another date. The studio is now looking at a January 11th 2013 release date.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Del Toro & Perlman wants Hellboy 3

Guillermo Del Toro and Ron Perlman had recently expressed interest in working on the third Hellboy movie. Regardless of the fact that Hollywood analysts are skeptical of this ever happening because the 2 other Hellboy movies were not the gigantic blockbusters they hoped for, Del Toro is bent on giving his own superhero movie saga a fitting conclusion, because the first 2 movies had already set up subplot details that should surely culminate in a third movie. In Hellboy 2, Liz (played by Selma Blair) had made a vow to the Angel of Death to sacrifice even the world if it means saving the life of Hellboy.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

BRUTUS and BUTTERFLIES HAVE NO MEMORIES will have an Iloilo Screening

Tara Illenberger's thought-provoking and wonderful film BRUTUS will have a free screening this Friday July 27, 2012 at the University of Iloilo Phinma Quadrangle A. This is in connection with the ACTIVE VISTA Human Rights Film Festival 2012. The film's director Tara Illenberger will be present in the event as a guest speaker; as well as Mr. Hermogenes Gacho Jr. from I Stand. The screening is free admission, you don't have to pay anything to watch this magnificent motion picture.

In line with the same festival, the Lav Diaz film BUTTERFLIES HAVE NO MEMORIES will also have a screening on August 1, 2012 4 PM at the CPU Rose Memorial Auditorium. It will have a ticket price of P 80.

The Active Vista Film Festival is organized by DAKILA – Philippine Collective for Modern Heroism through the support of AusAID and Movies that Matter Netherlands.

The Active Vista Film Festival is not your ordinary film festival. It presents a dynamic vision that empowers its public towards relevant social change. is an avenue to promote a vision of society that respects, upholds and values the dignity, rights and freedom of its people. For more info, go to their website activevista.com

Dwayne Johnson as DC's Lobo?

Dwayne Johnson is now becoming one of Hollywood's larger-than-life action heroes. But if ever he was to play a superhero, who would it be? He's too big to be Superman, he's too small to be the Hulk, he's too fun to be the Punisher; well, just give him the role of the big DC comics anti-hero: LOBO! Is it just some kind of fan rumor? Or are the studios really working on ways for him to become the dangerously zany alien anti-hero?

The rumor began when a fan tweeted to Johnson that he’d like to see the star in the role, and Johnson responded, “Funny U say that…”  Today, he has added a bit more fuel to the fire, by tweeting about the rumor he started:

Saturday, July 21, 2012


I was extremely impressed how Nolan has created a movie that is as epic and as grand as The Dark Knight. It's mind-blowing for me how I felt that Nolan has made lightning strike twice, and has managed to conclude his Batman trilogy with a truly magnificent movie chapter. Director Christopher Nolan has completed his trilogy; his trilogy joins the ranks of the very very few movie trilogies in cinema history that are flawlessly magnificent (I count only 2- The Godfather & Lord of the Rings... on the other hand many argue that Godfather 3 was bad, but I still respected it). THE DARK KNIGHT RISES is a must-see moive. This could potentially be the best movie of the year for me.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

No "Batman 4" after The Dark Knight Rises

Why there will be NO “BATMAN 4” after The Dark Knight Rises; and what future holds for the Dark Knight?

by Xyde

Director Christopher Nolan has wowed Batman fans with his artistic approach to filming major studio films. His ability to wipe away all the harm that was done upon the character by Joel Schumacher's atrocious Batman and Robin, was truly remarkable. No longer was would a Batman film be a two hour long toy commercial

With all journeys they must come to an end and Christopher Nolan discusses the importance of bringing his trilogy to a rightful conclusion. Chris Nolan always considered (his) Batman a trilogy and, as such, the journey is about to be over soon.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Advance Screening Skeds for Dark Knight Rises [UPDATED]

One of the most anticipated movies of 2012 is the Dark Knight Rises. And it will be released this Thursday. I'm sure it will be a big event for many people. So we are posting these advance screening skeds of the movie. Remember: these are initial screening skeds; although it appears that it will only appear in a few theaters, the day before, the the number of theaters that will show the film might be added. Dont worry; we'll update this.
So for now, as far as skeds released for the moment... Enjoy!

Cinema 1 [P 180.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
10:30 AM | 1:50 PM | 5:10 PM | 8:30 PM
Cinema 4 [P 120.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
1:30 PM | 4:45 PM | 8:00 PM
Cinema 6 [P 130.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
11:15 AM | 2:30 PM | 5:45 PM | 9:00 PM
Cinema 8 [P 180.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
11:00 AM | 2:20 PM | 5:40 PM | 9:00 PM

Cinema 1 [P 180.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
12:45 PM | 4:00 PM | 7:15 PM
Cinema 3 [P 110.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
11:45 AM | 3:00 PM | 6:15 PM
Cinema 4 [P 130.50] - The Dark Knight Rises
1: 45 PM | 5:00 PM | 8:15 PM

Final Update: 02:15 AM July 18, 2012

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Thomas Jane is The Punisher once again in a short film; Ron Perlman also makes an appearance

The Punisher does Dirty Laundry
by Reymundo Salao

At the recent San Diego Comic Con, at one of the minor stalls for an Independent Film Outfit, Thomas Jane showed audiences a short film entitled "Dirty Laundry". And in this bloody action short film, it featured the Marvel character Punisher, which was once again brought to life by Thomas Jane. Ron Perlman also appears in a minor role in this one. This wouldve been absolutely kick-ass news; The only problem was that this was not a Marvel-sanctioned film; this was merely a fan film written by Chad St.John and directed by Phil Joanou (Entropy), who said that everyone who worked on it donated their time and he called in a lot of favors.
(find out more and see the video after the jump)

Monday, July 16, 2012


Marvel's Phase Two Begins

Marvel's recent announcements during this year's San Diego Comic-Con has been the grand tidal wave of the convention. Marvel has made revelations about their upcoming movies.

Marvel, with producer Kevin Feige acting as the Watcher over its current projects, is working on 4 movies in active development.
For 2013: Iron Man 3 (May 3, 2013), and Thor: The Dark World (November 8, 2013).
And for 2014: Captain America: The Winter Soldier (April 4, 2014), and Guardians of the Galaxy (August 1, 2014).
(more details after the jump)

Marvel officially confirms The Mandarin for Iron Man 3; & Extremis as well

As for Iron Man, ever since Ben Kingsley was cast as a villain in Iron Man 3, it was obvious (despite denials from Marvel) that he would be playing the Mandarin. Now, Marvel has officially confirmed that it is indeed The Mandarin. The recently released video clip at the San Diego Comic Con has also revealed that Iron Man's new suit can be summoned through force of will, which does indeed follow the Extremis Armor storyline in the comics. Happy Hogan (played by Iron Man's former director Jon Favreau) will also be playing a larger role in this movie. Iron Man 3 opens May 3, 2013.

Marvel's recent announcements during this year's San Diego Comic-Con has been the grand tidal wave of the convention. Marvel has made revelations about their upcoming movies. At the Iron Man 3 panel, producer Kevin Feige, Robert Downey Jr., Jon Favreau, and director Shane Black were present. A video clip was released and revealed several scenes such as Stark putting on the Iron Man suit by will, an action scene involving the destruction of Tony's Malibu home, The Mandarin putting on one of ten rings, among many other scenes, in a teaser/trailer clip. Of course, this electrified the audience in attendance.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

Marvel's ITEM 47 on the upcoming AVENGERS blue-ray/dvd

by Reymundo Salao

Oh you thought you merely wanted to buy the upcoming AVENGERS dvd or blue-ray? Now Marvel has given another reason for you to lust over the upcoming DVD.

The upcoming Blue-Ray / DVD will contain a short film entitled ITEM 47. This is not the first time that Marvel DVDs have this. When the THOR and CAPTAIN AMERICA special edition blue-ray / DVD and blue-ray were released, it also contained short films(refered to as "One Shots") featuring AGENT COULSON; in one of them we get to see Coulson in action against some robbers. While the first two Marvel one-shots, Something Funny Happened on the Way to Thor’s Hammer and The Consultant both ran four minutes, Item 47 will run twelve minutes, and will go on a "much bigger ride" (Oh this should be bigger, considering it has its own damn official poster) The Blue-ray/DVD will be released in the market on September 25, 2012.

Independence Day to be re-released in 3-D; sequels being developed

ID-3D + 2&3
by Reymundo Salao

Next year, we will once again get to see really large alien motherships emerging from the clouds as the 1996 movie INDEPENDENCE DAY will be rereleased in 3D. INDEPENDENCE DAY 3-D, which is set for a July 4, 2013 release date, seems to generate interest on this alien invasion movie once again, and will probably be a device to gauge interest for a sequel that is being developed by its creators Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin.

Roland Emmerich and Dean Devlin confirmed that they are committed to finally get Independence Day 2 off the ground. Fox was planning back-to-back sequels with or without Will Smith’s involvement, and now producer Dean Devlin has announced that he and Emmerich are actively working on Independence Day 2.  Moreover, they’re also hoping to continue and ultimately finish the intended trilogy they began with the 1994 sci-fi film Stargate with two new sequels. In a recent interview with Heat Vision, Devlin had this to say:

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Star Trek 2 Villain Finally Revealed?

His Name is Mitchell. Gary Mitchell.
by Reymundo Salao

After much speculation about who the villain of the next Star Trek movie is, Karl Urban who plays Dr. Leonard "Bones" McCoy in the new Star Trek line-up, may have accidentally revealed that the villain is Gary Mitchell; a villain from the original Star Trek TV series, specifically, the series' first antagonist. During a promotional junket for his upcoming film Dredd, Urban told SFX about what it was like to work with Benedict Cumberbatch, who is cast as the movie's villain:

“He’s awesome, he’s a great addition, and I think his Gary Mitchell is going to be exemplary.”

Farewell Dolphy Quizon

Dolphy is dead at 83
source: ABS-CBN

Dolphy, dubbed the country’s “King of Comedy,”whose body of work on stage, movies and television mirrors the history of Philippine entertainment, died on Tuesday night. He was 83.

With his lean physique and humble demeanor, Dolphy’s memorable characters, notably as the down-on-his-luck family man John Puruntong in the long-running sitcom “John and Marsha,” effectively captured the travails of the common Filipino who is able to find humor even in the direst situations.

Dolphy died after a five-year battle with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), according to his long-time partner, actress and singer Zsa Zsa Padilla.
"We would like to inform the public that Mr. Rodolfo 'Dolphy' Quizon, passed away today, at 8:34 p.m. due to multiple organ failure, secondary to complications brought about by severe pneumonia, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and acute renal failure," the Makati Medical Center said in a statement.

"We join the entire Filipino Community in praying for the soul of Mr. Quizon and his dearly beloved family and friends. To the Quizon Family, we extend our deepest condolences," the hospital said.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Assassin's Creed Movie in the works; Michael Fassbender set to star and co-produce

by Reymundo Salao

Gamer Geeks out there must be flipping out over the news that an ASSASSIN'S CREED movie is about to be made into a movie, one that will be produced by and will star Michael Fassbender. It was actually earlier this year that Sony Pictures announced its intentions to adapt Ubisoft’s popular video game into a movie. But Sony's plans were stalling due to Ubisoft’s demands for control.  The negotiations between the studios were put on hold as Ubisoft looked to develop the film independently.  However, the film is set to go anyway as Michael Fassbender is set to star in and co-produce the flick.

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