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Friday, December 26, 2014

Justin Lin set to direct Star Trek 3

As many of you already know, JJ Abrams is has been too busy with Star Wars and it was inevitable that he would leave the similarly humongous universe of the Star Trek movies to another director. For a while, producer/writer Roberto Orci (which had Abrams' blessing) was set to take over the helm of Star Trek 3. But there was a large backlash coming from fans who were against that idea (especially that Orci was partially the reason why the last Star Trek movie was bad). One of the big (and a really good choice, IMO) names for the directing job was Rupert Wyatt (Rise of the Planet of the Apes). But now, Paramount has turned to Fast and Furious director Justin Lin to helm Star Trek 3 which is set for release July 8, 2016.
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Thursday, December 25, 2014

Sony Finally Releases "The Interview" in Theaters and Online

Sony Pictures Entertainment has finally stood their ground and announced that The Interview will have a theatrical release, in around 300 theaters in the United States on Christmas Day, and will be available to rent starting today at 10am PT/1pm ET on YouTube Movies, Google Play, and Microsoft's Xbox Video. [hit the jump to continue]

Monday, December 22, 2014

Natalie Portman Confesses How The Star Wars Prequels Almost Ruined Her Career

With films like "Black Swan" and "Closer", Natalie Portman has proven to be one of Hollywood's biggest actresses. But for a time, she appeared in George Lucas' dreaded Star Wars Prequels. Portman has recently come out to admit how being part of the prequels almost ruined her career.
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Friday, December 19, 2014

Sony Hacks Fallout: Cancellation of Sony's "The Interview" and New Regency's "Pyongyang"

Movie theaters in the US have recently succumbed to terrorist threats connected with the Sony Hacks. Sony has now officially cancelled its film "The Interview" which is a James Franco, Seth Rogen comedy about a plot to assassinate North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, and New Regency is also canceling Gore Verbinski‘s adaptation of Guy Delisle‘s graphic novel Pyongyang, which is a memoir following “the French-Canadian cartoonist’s travels through North Korea after obtaining a work visa (a rarity for a Westerner) for his job on a children’s cartoon show,” but his journey becomes complicated when he’s accused of espionage. [hit the jump to continue]

Thursday, December 18, 2014

The Controversial Sony Pictures Hack

Last month, hackers infiltrated the computer network of Sony Pictures Entertainment, a major Hollywood movie studio. The attackers stole a huge number of confidential documents, which are now being downloaded (primarily by journalists) from file-sharing networks. Since then, journalists have been poring through the files looking for interesting revelations. One month on, and the consequences of the hack are still being experienced, with damage caused to the film world and major Hollywood celebrities alike. SYOWING has been scouring through the net and gives us a rundown of the basic stuff about this controversy. [hit the jump to continue]

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Viola Davis is Amanda Waller for "Suicide Squad"

Viola Davis (How To Get Away With Murder) has been cast for the role of major DC Comics character Amanda Waller in David Ayer's upcoming "Suicide Squad". In the comics, Amanda Waller is a former congressional aide and government agent often placed in charge of the Suicide Squad, a semi-secret government-run group of former supervillains working in return for amnesty. [hit the jump to continue]

Tuesday, December 16, 2014

The CineKasimanwa 2 Overview

The CineKasimanwa 2 was a Success!!!
by Reymundo Salao

It was a memorable week for Iloilo City and the film arts of Western Visayas, as the second CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival was held last December 8 t0 13, 2014. The three venues namely; the UPV Cinematheque, the FDCP Cinematheque, and SM City Iloilo Cinema, were showing films made by filmmakers of Western Visayas. From magnificent works by established Visayan artists like Lav Diaz, Peque Gallaga, Tara Illenberger, Ned Trespeces, and Jay Abello, to pioneers like Joenar Pueblo and Ray Gibraltar, the amazing features from TM Malones, Kip Oebanda and Aimee Apostol Escasa, to the works of filmmakers from Guimbal, Negros, and unforgettable short films from various artists, among them are young directors coming out with their debut masterpieces. Undoubtedly, the CineKasimanwa definitely accomplished their objective this year, of giving spotlight on marvellous films of Western Visayas and introducing them to the mainstream public. [hit the jump to continue]

Thursday, December 11, 2014

CineKasimanwa Updates; Short Films Moved to FDCP and UPV Cinematheques, and The Red Carpet Opening

Photo by Christian Evren Gimotea LozaƱes
First off, is an important announcement; Due to unfortunate circumstances beyond the control of the organizers, all short films set for an SM Cinema screening have been cancelled since Monday. The screenings of these features have been transferred to an evening screening at the FDCP Cinematheque. [hit the jump to continue]

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Did Sony Strike a Deal with Marvel Studios for a Spider-man Crossover?

No matter how much some fans would deny it, last summer's "The Amazing Spider-man 2" was a failure, and just a big pile of sh1t. Sony has recently been making their Spider-man franchise into a big liability than being a supposed asset. Meanwhile, Marvel Studio's Marvel Cinematic Universe is beautifully blooming into the culmination of Phase 2 with Avengers 2, and is prepped to have a bigger future with Phase 3. Some Spider-man fans have been demanding-- Why dont they just include Spider-man in the Avengers, or in the Marvel Cinematic Universe? Well, as many of you know, that's not easily possible because Spider-man is in the hands of Sony Pictures.

But recent sources revealed that Sony did make efforts to reach out to Marvel Studios in order to strike a deal that could be advantageous both to Marvel and Sony's Spider-man as well. [hit the jump to continue]

Monday, December 8, 2014

CineKasimanwa's Typhoon Ruby Update [UPDATED]

Click to view larger version
The CineKasimanwa is a festival that is fully conscious of safety concerns and the welfare of the general public. And it is fully conscious of the recent devastation of Typhoon Ruby in other parts of the country. In this regard, CineKasimanwa will be offering 25% of its earnings to the victims of Typhoon Ruby. This will be donated via the Jaro Archdiocesan Social Action Center and Rebuild Project. Last year, the CineKasimanwa gave 100% of its earnings (which is 28,000 pesos, rounded off to 30,000 pesos) to the victims of Typhoon Yolanda through the Jaro Archdiocesan as well.

UPDATE: The screening for "Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan" will push through at 5:30 PM SM City Cinema 1. The screening of "Wanted Border", however, will not push through. Announcements for schedule changes were made earlier because of the effects of Typhoon Ruby, for a while we thought that the Typhoon would prevent the coming of our guests. However, due to developments Monday, As of writing time, the CineKasimanwa is expecting guests from Metro Manila who will grace the event, namely Raymond Lee, the producer of Lav Diaz's "Norte", Sid Lucero who is the star of "Norte", and Alessandra De Rossi who is the star of "T'yanak" They are expected to be at the festival's official opening film "Norte, Hangganan ng Kasaysayan". They are expected to be in attendance during the other screenings as well.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

Ilonggo Filmmakers of CineKasimanwa Meet and Unite

Dec. 6, 2014 - The united Ilonggo filmmakers front (new and returning), media partners from Manila and the CineKasimanwa volunteers gathered to renew their support for each other and the CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival at the iconic Ilonggo's pride, Madge Cafe, at Tienda La Paz (La Paz Market), Iloilo City.

Saturday, December 6, 2014

CineKasimanwa Press Con and Plans for CineKasimanwa 2015

Dec. 5, 2014 --- The storm (plus two other press conferences) prevented many from attending the CineKasimanwa 2 press conference but a few of our good and supportive friends from the Iloilo Media came to show us their love. Festival director and programmer, Elvert BaƱares; UPV Cinematheque OIC, Prof. Alfredo Diaz; Iloilo Cinematheque's Daniella Caro Barbosa; and, filmmakers Joebert Casas & Reymundo Salao were part of the press con panel. Filmmaker TM Malones covered the proceedings. Our huge thank you to the Iloilo Media! [hit the jump to continue, on to plans for 2015]

The CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival Screening Skeds

The coming week from December 8 up till December 13, 2014 Saturday will be a very big week for Iloilo City and Iloilo Cinema. The second CineKasimanwa: The Western Visayas Film Festival will be held, and it will showcase works of cinematic art from various filmmakers of Western Visayas. These works range from various artists, whether they're professional, student, or amateur; whether they be in the genre of action, suspense, comedy, drama, experimental, and even horror. These are all movies worth watching, because these are our stories, these are your stories. [hit the jump to continue on to the screening skeds]

Friday, December 5, 2014

Ryan Reynolds in Officially Confirmed as DEADPOOL

Early this year, Fox greenlighted a DEADPOOL movie set for a February 2016 release date. A decision which probably was pushed after the Deadpool test footage “leaked” online caused massive positive responses. Ryan Reynolds provided the voice for the character in that footage, and now things are being made official as the actor is finalizing his deal to star in the film. [hit the jump to continue]

Thursday, December 4, 2014

The New James Bond Movie has a title: SPECTRE

"Spectre" is the title of the upcoming 24th James Bond movie! The past couple of months the rumor mill has been brewing around as to what the next James Bond movie will be like. and now that the title has been unveiled, we pretty much have an idea what to expect. The original arch-nemeses of James Bond are now making its way to the new millenia at last: SPECTRE! [hit the jump to continue]

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