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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

The Wolverine trailer comes out with GI Joe 2

While James Mangold’s The Wolverine doesn’t open in theaters until July, fans have been curious about when we’ll see the first footage from the Hugh Jackman starrer.  There were rumors that the first trailer would play in front of this week’s release A Good Day to Die Hard, but sources at Fox tell us that this is not the case.  The studio is targeting a trailer release in late March, with a possibility of it airing in front of G.I. Joe: Retaliation, though nothing has been confirmed.  Mangold himself mentioned on Twitter that the marketing would indeed start in late March.

Winners of The 2013 British Academy of Film and Television Awards

The 2013 British Academy of Film and Television Awards (BAFTA Awards) were handed out last weekend, and director Ben Affleck’s thriller continued its domination of awards season by landing the Best Film and Best Director prizes.  The BAFTAs have always been an important bellwether for predicting Oscar, but they may be even more in tune with the Academy this year as a rule change allowed the entire BAFTA voting body to vote on every award (like the Oscars), instead of writers only voting for screenplay, actors only voting for acting, etc.

Les Miserables won the most BAFTAs of the night, taking home four trophies including Best Supporting Actress for Anne Hathaway (duh) and Best Production Design (over Anna Karenina? Really?).  The winners actually lined up pretty closely with my current Oscar predictions, though most were surprised to see David O. Russell take home the Best Adapted Screenplay Oscar over Lincoln and Argo.  Jessica Chastain and Jennifer Lawrence were also overtaken in Best Actress by Emmanuel Riva for Amour, who has emerged as a strong possibility in a tough category.  Hit the jump for the full list of winners.

Thursday, February 7, 2013

Must-See Movies at the Cinematheque this Week

Two of the Finest Pinoy Indie Films will be shown at the Iloilo Cinematheque this week. If you missed seeing these movies when it was shown at the last Iloilo Filmfest, now's the chance to catch up! You got today and on Friday to catch these films...

happens in one school year from June to March. Sixto Mangaoang is a Math wizard in Grade 5, he however also has the penchant for drawing and writing. For his English Class project, Sixto decides on writing a short story for children about a shark living in the forest in the Cordilleras. Sixto ‘comes-of-age’ in this school year, he develops a friendship with his neighbor, the retired Dr. Rayos, who encourages Sixto to strive hard to pursue his dreams. Sixto also befriends his Korean neighbor, a boy about the same age as he, despite their awkward first meeting. Sixto experiences first love. Sixto stands up to the school bully. Sixto discovers the truth about his birth.
screening sked: 3:30 PM Thursday & Friday at the Cinematheque Iloilo

BEBOT, a former Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW) has been down and out of luck after the Middle East crisis, that left him jobless and his family leaving him in the process. He hatches a plan with his loser friends from Quiapo --- PIPOY, a call center agent; BOY GEORGE, a camera repairman; ABDUL, a Muslim pirated DVD seller; HESUS, a prophet of doom; and HECTOR, a former stuntman who has grown fat because of the demise of action films --- to make an independent film of their own starring what to them is the most famous Filipino indie film actor nowadays especially with the sudden boom of indie films --- RONNIE LAZARO. However, things became complicated when RONNIE LAZARO decides to beg off from acting on their supposed indie film. They suddenly found themselves accidentally kidnapping RONNIE and holing him up at BEBOT’s old dilapidated place in Quiapo. What will happen now that they have the most famous indie actor in the Philippines? Will they be able to finish their film on time? Or will the kidnapping test their bond of friendship?
screening sked: 5:30 PM Thursday & Friday at the Cinematheque Iloilo

The Amazing Spider-man 2 has begun filming; Cast List Confirmed

Columbia Pictures has recently announced that filming has begun on The Amazing Spider-Man 2, the film stars Andrew Garfield, Emma Stone, Martin Sheen, and Sally Field. It is now confirmed that Jamie Foxx, Shailene Woodley, Dane DeHaan, Colm Feore, and Paul Giamatti will join the cast. Jamie Foxx will play the villain Electro, Shailene Woodley (from The Descendants) will be playing Mary Jane Watson, Dane DeHaan (Chronicle) will be playing Harry Osborn. The other new cast's roles have yet to be announced, but the strongest rumor out there says that Giamatti will be playing the hulking villain Rhino, Feore is rumored to play Norman Osborn, and Felicity Jones; well, she might be playing Betty Brant but other rumors wish she was playing Black Cat.
[jump further for synopsis & more details]

Sunday, February 3, 2013

World of Warcraft found its director in Duncan Jones; Will Johnny Depp be among the cast?

Updates on the development of The World of Warcraft movie project have finally been moving along when, just recently, Duncan Jones (director of Source Code and Moon) has been hired to direct the live-action adaptation of the popular multi-media online role-playing game. It was last August when it was announced that a script has been drafted by Saving Private Ryan writer Robert Rodat, and Blood Diamond screenwriter Charles Leavitt has been brought in to do some rewrites on it.

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