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Thursday, May 28, 2015

Robert Rodriguez to direct live-action Jonny Quest movie

The world of Jonny Quest will be brought to cinematic life again, and Robert Rodriguez will be the man to do it...

Robert Rodriguez will be adapting the live-action film adaptation of Hanna-Barbera’s "Jonny Quest" for Warner Bros. with Adrian Askarieh (Hitman: Agent 47) and Dan Lin (The LEGO Movie) producing. Rodriguez will write the script alongside Terry Rossio, who penned the first three Pirates of the Caribbean films and The Lone Ranger with writing partner Ted Elliott. Rodriguez and Elliott will be working from a previous draft written by Dan Mazeu.

The Johnny Quest cartoon series features the eponymous young boy who went on adventures with his father Dr. Benton Quest, special agent Roger T. “Race” Bannon, friend and adopted brother Hadji, mercenary/spy Jade, and Jonny’s pet dog Bandit. Jonny Quest was greatly influenced by such great adventure fiction classics as Doc Savage, Tom Swift, and John Carter of Mars. The Jonny Quest series had been an influence to the adult-oriented animated series "The Venture Bros." which served more than just a mere parody of Jonny Quest, and transcended into becoming one of the best and underrated animated series in the U.S.

According to several sources, a Jonny Quest movie was in the works some years back with Zac Efron as Quest, Dwayne Johnson as Bannon, and Peter Segal (50 First Dates) being considered to direct, but after "Speed Racer" another film based on a 1970s animated series, flopped, the project went into stasis.

Although I personally think that Rodriguez's charm had been withering with such critical failures as the second "Sin City" movie, I think the "Jonny Quest" would definitely revitalize his career. His experience with kid-friendly movies like the "Spy Kids" movies, blended with his taste for adult action are indications that he could be perfect to bring the world of Jonny Quest to cinematic life.

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