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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Transformers Expands Unto Its Own Spin-Off and Extended Universe; Assigns Screenwriter Line-Up

The Transformers universe is branching out into their own spin-off movies and it is under the the braintrust of Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, and Lorenzo di Bonaventura who has set screenwriter/producer Akiva Goldsman to oversee a group of writers that would develop ideas and scripts for Transformers sequels and spinoffs. [hit the jump to continue]

This line-up of writers include "The Walking Dead" creator Robert Kirkman, "Punisher: War Zone's" Art Marcum & Matt Holloway, "The Incredible Hulk" screenwriter Zak Penn, and "Lost" writer Jeff Pinkner. While "Transformers" franchise has not clearly not been known for quality writing (in fact, it's often regarded as something that is devoid of any storyline value), this line-up of writers seem to be impressive enough which could beg for the question; Will this mean an improvement in the franchise?

Everybody is already familiar with Kirkman and his creation "The Walking Dead" but somebody like Zak Penn is currently one of the most respected screenwriters in the industry. He is currently the screenwriter behind "Ready Player One" with Spielberg attached to direct, and he’s also writing "Pacific Rim 2".

Clearly, the expansion of movie universes has become a trend, as it took note of the success of Marvel's cinematic universe which has been highly profitable. This practice is clearly expected with franchises such as "Star Wars" which is tremendously rich with spin-off and expansion potential. But with a franchise such as "Transformers" which has proven that it does not care about storyline, this is obviously more of a profit-fueled move. But in a more optimistic point-of-view, we could only hope that this could only improve the storyline aspect of the series; a hope that it could fill up some sense in it where there previously was none. 

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