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Sunday, October 12, 2014

Brillante Mendoza and Nora Aunor filming a Yolanda Typhoon Movie entitled "Taklub"

The Nora Aunor and Brillante Mendoza team-up proved to be a great blend with the movie "Thy Womb". Now both superstar actress and award-winning director are once again working on a new movie entitled "Taklub" which is about the tragedies caused by super typhoon Yolanda when it hit several Philippine provinces last year.

"Taklub" will chronicle what has transpired on Tacloban, including several other provinces affected during the devastation of Typhoon Yolanda (Hai Yan). The title of the film --"Taklub" may refer to the name of the place, Tacloban. I also connotes 'takluban' (to cover, to be covered in) [hit the jump to continue]

The film is based on a screenplay by Honee Alipio. Alipio came up with the story of "Taklub" as she was going to and from Tacloban, for a research. In the process, she was able to be close with the people and eventually was able to get immersed to their way of life and their lifestyle dynamics, and how they view the state, civil society, and the NGOs.

Nora's character si named Bebeth Ralyostan.The character is based on the experiences of an actual survivor who is known in Tacloban as 'Ate Baby' who has a teen daughter who also survived the tragedy. In the movie, Julio Diaz will play Aunor's husband, Shine Santos will play their teenage daughter, a deaf-mute actor named Romalito “Rome” Mallari, and Aaron Rivera will play siblings. The film will also star Lou Veloso, Ruby Ruiz, Soliman Cruz, John Rendez, and Glenda Kennedy

The film is shot on location at the vicinity of Tacloban, capital city of Leyte. The film crew and the cast, including Nora Aunor, arrived at Tacloban September 26 and were aided by the Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines Security and Intelligence Service (CAAP-CSIS) and the local government capitol of Tacloban. Principal photography began days later.

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