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Saturday, April 8, 2017

The BLISS Controversy

"Bliss" a psychological thriller which is the new film from Heneral Luna director Jerrold Tarog has been causing much controversy lately. Not only because its main actress Iza Calzado won Best Actress at the Osaka Film Festival 2017 for this movie. The other controversy is that the MTRCB attempted to axe it with an “X” rating. But now thankfully, it was given an R-18 Rating.

Initially, an "X" rating was was given by the Movie and Television Review Board to "Bliss", which means that film is not allowed to be shown in public; meaning: the film will not be allowed to screen in cinemas. 

Inside sources reveal that the film contains "explicit nudity scenes." If there is one thing I personally learned from some insiders, it's that oftentimes, judgment of classifying these films can get quite opinionated. Some people may see an artwork like "Schindler's List" as pornography, while others may think it's okay for underaged teenagers to watch something that is truly lewd as the "Fifty Shades of Grey" movies. One person's porn may actually be another person's piece of art.

The Studio was said to have submitted an appeal for a second review of the movie. The statement read: “We understand and respect the decision of the MTRCB reviewing committee regarding the film Bliss. We are currently going through the process of submitting an appeal for a second review and hope for a more favorable result.”

It was probably that appeal that bore fruit for Bliss, because now, the film finally got an R-18 rating upon its second review with the Movie Television Review and Classification Board (MTRCB). "Bliss" can now be shown in Philippine cinemas, and will go forward with their planned May 10, 2017 release date.

The new MTRCB panel composed of Direk Joey Romero, Bibeth Orteza, Gladys Reyes, Consoliza Laguardia and Atty. Ogie Jaro reversed the earlier classification and gave the film "Bliss" a unanimous R-18 WITHOUT CUTS.

In the film, Actress Jane Ciego (Iza Calzado) entered showbiz at a young age. Though equally popular and successful, Jane, now in her 30’s, has become tired of the usual projects she’s been getting. She decides to produce her own film to win some respect in the industry. But things do not go as planned. A terrible accident on the set of her dream project leaves her temporarily crippled, trapped in a house filled with bizarre phenomena and under the care of her unfeeling husband Carlo and a strange nurse named Lilibeth. With the horrors and madness escalating each day, Jane’s simple dream turns into an endless nightmare.

See you May 10 in theaters.


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