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Monday, March 21, 2016

Bambanti Screens at the FDCP Cinematheque

This week, the FDCP Cinematheque screens the Brillante Mendoza produced, Zig M. Dulay written and directed film "Bambanti" which stars Alessandra de Rossi, Shamaine Buencamino, Micko Laurente, and Julio Diaz. It recently won the Best Indie Movie, Indie Director, Production Design, Child Performer, and Original Theme Song at the PMPC Star Awards, it also won the Best Film Award at the Brussels Film Festival, and its lead child star Micko Laurente the Best Actor at the International Children's Film Festival in India last November. The film will screen from March 22 and 23, 2016 (3:30 PM & 5:30 PM). FDCP Cinematheque Iloilo is located at the B & C Square Bldg., Iznart-Solis Sts., Iloilo City. It is Iloilo's home of quality indie films and art films from the local and international cinema. Admission is only P 50. [hit the jump to continue]

Every weekend, Belyn and her son Popoy tread along the outstretched embankment from the rice fields to the town center. They head towards Manang Martha’s house where Belyn serves as a washerwoman. The long walk to the big house has been part of their routine. However, everything changes when Popoy is asked one day to come over Manang Martha’s house for an interrogation. Her daughter’s golden watch is missing and the town seer pointed out that Popoy stole it.

On the course of the search for the golden watch, Belyn gets involved; for the same prophecy also revealed that she too is a culprit. These suspicions and heated blames are brought up to the authorities only to put them to worse entanglements. Rumors of the two stealing the watch spread around the village. Even the priest inconspicuously mortifies the sinful family as part of the homily. The search for a missing watch entails painful quest for the truth. In a system of manipulated lies, truth proves to turn irrelevant.

Belyn’s family remains in deep waters—the townsfolk continue to believe in false accusations, and her attempts to protect her son from disgrace are a crime in everyone’s eyes. In the end, Belyn’s family will be discriminated against and be deliberately avoided as if they were real-life scarecrows of society.

Bambanti is an Iloko term which means alay-ay in Filipino, or ‘scarecrow’— a handcrafted human-like farming instrument that is devised to alarm birds, insects, or anything that poses threat to rice and corn crops.

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