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Saturday, November 21, 2015

The Complete Selection of Films for the CineKasimanwa Announced

One of the most anticipated film festivals in the country is now on its third year and will open with three short films and with the four trailers of the Philippines' first regional Film Grants Program. CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival, with this year's theme "Lokal is International". A couple of days ago, the opening films were announced. Now, we have the full list of all the films joining the CineKasimanwa. And without a doubt, it stands as THE regional film festival with the most number of participating films, with a number reaching a hundred.[hit the jump to continue]

These films are programmed by Elvert C. Bañares, Festival Director & Programmer (from out of 144 film submissions)

2015 FILMS IN FOCUS: ANI (Film Grants Program)
* Short Films produced by Department of Tourism - Region VI, Western Visayas Filmmakers Network & CineKasimanwa: Western Visayas Film Festival
Sa Pagtunod It Adlaw, Romart Martesano (2015) AKLAN, World Premiere
Ang Panglakaton, Mia Reyes (2015) ANTIQUE, World Premiere
Sa Dapa-Dapa Sang Balaan Bukid, Noel de Leon (2015) GUIMARAS, World Premiere
Katapusan nga Handum, Aimee Apostol-Escasa (2015) ILOILO, World Premiere
GINHAWA (The Opening Films)
One Week Earlier, Allyn May Canja, Eric Barbosa Jr. (2015) 16:39 World Premiere
Kagat, May Fatima Villarta (2015) 15:56 Philippine Premiere
TNT, Roberto Reyes Ang (2015) 23:00 starring Perry Escaño / Western Visayas Premiere
* all filmmakers and actor Perry Escaño in attendance
**also  featuring the launch of the trailers of the Film Grants Program Shorts

HINANAKIT (Full-length Features)
Flotsam, Jay Abello (2015)
Heneral Luna, Jerrold Tarog (2015)
Ugayong, Reymundo Salao (2015) 01:17:15 World Premiere
Jingle Lang Ang Pahina, Chuck Escasa (2014) 1:07:41
Alimuom ng Kahapon, Rosswil Hilario (2015) Iloilo Premiere

TALAGSAHUN (Expanded Cinema / New Media Program)
Man in the Cinema House, Bernard Jay Mercado (2015)
    Projection, Venue TBD / Western Visayas Premiere
Hugot Project, Rosalie Zerrudo (2015)
    Performance Projection, FDCP Iloilo Cinematheque / World Premiere
Tingnan nang Malapitan, Damhin nang Malaliman, Anne Catherine Malazarte (2015)
    Single Channel Video, SM City Cinema Lobby / World Premiere


ULIKID (Short Films for and by Children Program)
co-presented by Woods and Books
- Care, gratitude, remembrance and inheritance of values - as observed locally - are themes explored in these short films that children should enjoy on the big screen.
Sta. Barbara, Junel Francis P. Laguna (2015) 01.00 World Premiere *11-year old student-filmmaker
Laso, Jasiel Semillano, Rochelle Alunan, Shannon Estares (2015) 02:46 World Premiere
Ang Duktor, Leodel Barrio, John Arthur Mabaquiao (2015) 08:01 World Premiere
Pensum, Reyes, Semillano & Alob (2015) 02:08 World Premiere
Ritmo Sang Dahon, Andrelene Veloso, Kimberly Agnes, Euricka Sheilo Rosel (2015) 01:46 World Premiere
Luksong Tinik, Kristine Buenavista, Marz Capnang (2015) World Premiere
Benevolence, Angelica Ape, Joanne Bernal, Margaret Yusay (2015) 02:11 World Premiere
Antis, Gkie Erebaren (2015) 08:40 Philippine Premiere

IPA-UTWAS (Short Film Program 1)
- These emotionally-charged short films are populated by characters who need to release either their inner demons, repressions and expressions of love. How do they cope with challenges that are distinct in their locales?
Noy (2015) Leon, Iloilo / World Premiere
Thirdwheel, Aileen Joyce Gonzales & Liza Marie Tasic (2015) 01:46 World Premiere
Too Late, Ken Lagura (2015) Philippine Premiere
Alibyo sa Agrabyo, Gkie Erebaren, Pepino & Posadas (2015) 02:07 World Premiere
Puerto, Joshua Austria (2015) 10:49 Philippine Premiere
Somewhere by Shalyne del Pilar and Karroleine Abrico (2015) Philippine Premiere
POV, Late Night Productions (2015) 12:00 World Premiere
Igo, Maria Angelica Ape (2015) 16:57 Philippine Premiere

PAGBUGTAW (Short Film Program 2)
co-presented by the Provincial Population Office, Province of Iloilo
- Teen problems are presented by local teen filmmakers and how Teen Centers help to solve them. In these films, we get to open our eyes to neglected issues we all have to address like peer pressure, suicide, delinquency, etc.
Burubay (2015) Pavia, Iloilo / World Premiere
Dawn of Innocence (2015) Dueñas, Iloilo / World Premiere
Si Jonathan (2015) Oton, Iloilo / World Premiere
Pakpak (2015) Banate, Iloilo / World Premiere
Manoy (2015) Pototan, Iloilo / World Premeire
Pilas (2015) Mina, Iloilo / World Premiere

PIN-OT (Short Film Program 3)
- What goes on in the minds and hearts of individuals when they get swamped by the chaos of urban life and the effects of troubled pasts? These local stories, differing in style and genre, are told in ways more than one. 
Buena Mano, Gian Karlo Laurente (2015) World Premiere
Plaka, Mary Suamen (2015) World Premiere
Bawon, Rachelle Ann Tamayo (2015) Philippine Premiere
Introspect, Gabrielle Anne Tahum (2015) 08:14 Philippine Premiere
Paningkaras (2015) Janiuay, Iloilo / World Premiere
Apas, Ian Kenneth Kubchand (2015) 07:15 Philippine Premiere
Bisita, Emerie Therese Tangarorang (2015) 09:12 Philippine Premiere
Elecel, Vincent Motaño (2015) 17:02 World Premiere

GUGMA BALA? (Short Film Program 4)
- Is love limited only to the romantics? The locals of Western Visayas disagree. In this program, filmmakers dissect love-related themes by telling stories about love for family, soulmates, friends, self or even more. In our desire to love someone, we always need accomplices: pals, peers or potions. 
Dalan, Bernie Tucar (2015) 14:36
Rewind. Replay. Repeat., Fredeve John Pags Pacs (2015) 11:30 Philippine Premiere
Handom (2015) Cabatuan, Iloilo / World Premiere
The Notebook, Christian Caluba and Bea Areno (2015) Philippine Premiere
Unos sa Buhay Estudyante (2015) Sara, Iloilo / World Premiere
Thru Lab, Arnold Casas (2015) 14:59 Philippine Premiere
Silaw Sang Suga, Tony Carmona (2015) 02:00 World Premiere

DUMOT (Short Film Program 5)
- When our patience runs dry, is it because we are already fed up with the complexities of daily life in our locales or are we just entertaining the fact that our unwarranted hatred for some individuals needs to be dealt with? Hatred thematically connects these films while audiences are presented with characters whose personal spaces are violated. Analyzing how matters get resolved is an interesting point of discussion for this program. Who does it right? Who doesn't get to realize mistakes? Who comes out triumphant despite the odds?  
Retrospect, Rodrigo Basco (2015) 15:38 Philippine Premiere
Bangungot (2015) Sta. Barbara, Iloilo / World Premiere
Hingamo, Angelica Shainice Reyes (2015) 14:30 Philippine Premiere
Transferee, Audy Guerrero (2015) 17:16 Philippine Premiere
Luntad, Tony Carmona (2015) 11:43 Philippine Premiere
Ang Pagpalangga ni Tatay, Karroleine Abrico (2015) Philippine Premiere

PAG-USBONG (Short Films by Binhi Creatives)
* specific titles to follow

(Moo-Moo-an kag Fantasmagoria tr3s Program 1)
* Our annual Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller and Far-out Shorts
- What does the future look like in the eyes of the locals? What fuels our fears? Are humans capable of creating their own ghosts? These questions will be recurring in this collection of shorts.
Anterograde, Ape, Bernal, Montehermoso, Yusay (2015) 05:32 Philippine Premiere
The Miserable Life of Earl, Balajadia, Napa, Suobiron (2015) 03:38 World Premiere
Manong, Gabbie Castro, Charmaine Monte, Keith Pedregosa (2015) Philippine Premiere
Night at the Graveyard, Emlyn Subiron (2015) 03:26 World Premiere
Pagsanay-Tawag, Tony Carmona, Jo, Millares (2015) 03:02 World Premiere
Transferee, Clarisse Evangelista, Klyde Parrenas and Elline Miaque (2015) Philippine Premiere
Panit, Rex Villamor, Elian Quilisadio, Joshua Austria, Daryl Montehermoso, Swenly Sotelo (2015) 01:38 World Premiere
Hangag, Rex Vilamor (2015) 11:26 World Premiere
The Last Heroine, Shanice Reyes, Katrina Napa, Duchess Balajadia, Rea Semillano (2015) 02:48 World Premiere
Tinago, Margarita Gelladula Bisnar (2015) 16:12 Philippine Premiere

(Moo-Moo-an kag Fantasmagoria tr3s Program 2)
* Our annual Horror, Sci-fi, Fantasy, Thriller and Far-out Shorts
- Who belongs to a stranger world, the past or the future? Does your fantasy mix with reality? Do we mirror our fear to others or to ourselves as a way to fight insecurity? The Western Visayas filmmakers provide answers through these stories.
Pagtimalos sa Kasi-utan, Aldrich Rosano (2015) 32:21 World Premiere
Albus Vs Ater, Rex Villamor (2015) 03:50 Philippine Premiere
Iarwen's Wish, Alob, Erebaren, Pepino, Posadas (2015) 03:40 Philippine Premiere
Haum-Haum, Estares, Alunan, Semillano (2015) 06:20 Philippine Premiere
Maledictus, Dennis Hubag (2015) World Premiere
Alas Dose, Jurisprudencia, Ramos, Ordinario (2015) 03:26 Philippine Premiere
WXRLD, Ian Kenneth Kubchand (2015) 03:02 World Premiere
Dayo, Kim Jasper Torreliza (2015) 14:50 World Premiere
Ginhawa Sa Kasim-ong, Kimberly Agnes, Emerie Therese Tangarorang, Evan Jane Guino-o, Euricka Sheilo Rosel (2015) 03:20 World Premiere
Espeho ni Nicolette, Joebert Casas (2015) 15:30 Philippine Premiere
Lumon, Eden Gilpo (2015) 16:20 Philippine Premiere

HULAG (Poetry in Motion Shorts Program based on the poems by Ismael "Maeng" Java)
- The poems of Negrense poet Ismael "Maeng" Java becomes the subject of a three-hour video challenge by the most promising young filmmakers in the Film Production Summer classes at the University of St. La Salle - Bacolod.
Dumot (2015) Bacolod / World Premiere
Luntad (2015) Bacolod /  World Premiere
Kahipus (2015) Bacolod  / World Premiere
Sulat (2015) Bacolod / World Premiere

*All films are World Premieres
- These local Bacolod folks reflect the dreams, aspirations, trials, challenges, difficulties, hopes and victories of everyone in Western Visayas. The young student filmmakers of University of St. La Salle - Bacolod give life to their sincere stories, adding color, form and textures to the already beautiful stories of their lives.
Sa Umay May Buhay, Ana Katrina Napa (2015) 02:22
Alfred Manaog, Andrelene Veloso (2015) 01:27
Story of A Single Mother (2015) 02:17
Musical Tonton, She Stachys Gallenero (2015) 01:22
Iskolar, Rochelle Alunan (2015) 02:33
Melchor Tumbos, Louie B. Raner (2015) 02:49
Lia Seva Artist, Gkie Erebaren (2015) 02:29
The Life of A Lifesaver, Krisna Pilla (2015) 01:48
Starving Artist, Daryl Montehermoso (2015) 02:34
Portraiture, Liza Tasic (2015) 01:47
Manog-Kodak, Jo (2015) 01:33
The Waiting, Jasiel Semillano (2015) 02:08
Jhosh Solidum est. 1995, Gonzales (2015) 03:37
Sikad, Jessery Ferrer (2015) 02:11
Sa Akon Pangabudlay, Estares (2015) 02:00
Best in Me Hermie Alimon, Espende (2015) 02:00
Josephilla Salazar Flower Vendor, Tony Carmona (2015) 01:53
Ian Valladarez Artist, Kent Caduhada (2015) 02:07
The Ros Effect, Joanne Bernal & Rosabette Cheng (2015) 01:02
Tito Paeng, Joshua Austria (2015) 01:46

The CineKasimanwa Film Festival will be held December 8 to 14, 2015 on three venues: The FDCP Cinematheque, the UPV Cinematheque, and the SM City Cinema.

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