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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Warner Bros is developing a Suicide Squad movie

Warner Bros.has gradually been trying to build up their DC cinematic universe with their plans for Batman V Superman that will eventually lead to a Wonder Woman movie, an Aquaman Movie, and a Justice League movie. But there's another property that is planned to be included in that DC Cinematic Universe; The Suicide Squad. Yes, Warner Bros. are targeting to make a Suicide Squad movie with Fury director David Ayer at the helm. Justin Marks (who is also writing Top Gun 2) will pen the script. [hit the jump to continue]

The project has been in development for quite a time now, and Justin Marks has already submitted a script for it. Now that a director (Ayer) has already been picked, the project will surely be fast-tracked soon enough.

Suicide Squad is a "Dirty Dozen" story set in the world of super-villains who were hired/coerced by the government for a dangerous assignment. The more popular line-up of the Suicide Squad included Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, Bronze Tiger, Ravan. Its 80's run in comics were more focused on the spy action and espionage genre. To give you an idea of who the Suicide Squad are, here's a sequence in "Batman: Assault in Arkham" to give you an idea...


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