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Tuesday, June 25, 2013

KICK-ASS 2 moved to August

Bad news to the fans of, and those who are looking forward to the Philippine release of KICK-ASS 2. It looks like the Philippine release date which was officially set on June 26, 2013 will not be happening, and the release date has now been pushed to August 14, 2013 according to IMDB's release date for the film. [read the full article after the jump]

The early reports, which all came from reliable sources were too good to be true; The Philippines is indeed actually the first country which had a scheduled early release date for the movie. Check out this link to one of the official posts, and here for the image. Other local sites such as clickthecity had also deleted Kick-Ass 2 from their upcoming release date skeds, indicating and confirming that the release of the film would indeed not be as soon as expected (last saturday, the skeds for the movie was still June 26).

One explanation may be the fact that last March, the US release for the movie was moved from June 28 to August 16. with that movement in the skeds, the release date may have also been affected. But there was no official announcement that the Philippine release date would be moved as well, so everybody (even the prominent movie websites) might have had assumed that the Philippines' June 28 release was still a go.

It's sad that most of us had invested in heavy anticipation for it and just suddenly dropped at the last minute; this feels like a case of "Oh sorry, nobody told you the news"
According to IMDB, KICK-ASS 2 is scheduled for release here in the Philippines August 14, 2013. 2 days ahead of the US release.

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